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12.0 GHz Oscilloscopes – Oscilloscopes Solutions http://oscilloscopes.solutions Quality Refurbished Oscilloscopes Wed, 15 Feb 2017 21:30:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.8 Agilent DSO81204B http://oscilloscopes.solutions/product/agilent-dso81204b/ Tue, 07 Feb 2017 18:09:00 +0000 http://oscilloscopes.solutions/product/agilent-dso81204b/ Agilent/HP DSO81204B 4 Channel 80000B Series Infiniium High Performance Oscilloscope: 12 GHz

“Superior signal integrity and probing for your application”. Agilent Technologies’ Infiniium 80000B Series and InfiniiMax II probing system will lead to improved measurements and increased design margins. The signal integrity advantages of Agilent’s Infiniium 80000B Series Scopes and InfiniiMax Probing System include the industry’s lowest noise floor, lowest jitter measurement floor, lowest trigger jitter, flattest combined frequency response of scope and probe and more. Superior signal integrity maximizes engineer’s design margins by not wasting any measurement accuracy due to the poor noise, jitter or frequency response of the scope or probing system.

If you are designing, debugging or validating a serial-data-based design, consider the DSA80000B Digital Signal Analyzer. The DSA80000B is built around an Infiniium DSO80000B Series oscilloscope and the InfiniiMax probing system, to provide critical capabilities for achieving accurate and repeatable measurements. The oscilloscope includes as standard the option 001 memory, the E2688A high-speed serial data analysis software, and the N5400A EZJIT Plus jitter analysis software at an attractive price.






  • 005 Noise reduction and bandwidth control option (installed at the factory). Included standard for DSO81304B.

  • 006 My Infiniium integration package (installed at the factory)

  • 007 Low-speed serial data analysis for I2C/SPI (installed at the factory)

  • 008 Low-speed serial data analysis for CAN (installed at the factory)

  • 009 InfiniiScan event identification software (installed at the factory)

  • 010 Infiniium user defined function application software (installed at the factory)

  • 017 40 Gb removable hard disk drive. Replaces internal hard disk with a removable hard disk. Order the N5422A for additional hard disk drive cartridges.


  • DSA Options 001-003-004 in one package.

  • RMKT Agilent Refurbished Product (Do Not Use – Certiprime Option)

  • VSA Ultra Wideband Vector Signal Analyzer includes oscilloscope and VSA software with options 200, 300, AYA

    ]]> Tektronix TDS6124C http://oscilloscopes.solutions/product/tektronix-tds6124c/ Tue, 07 Feb 2017 18:20:28 +0000 http://oscilloscopes.solutions/product/tektronix-tds6124c/ Features & Benefits

    • Bandwidths of 15 GHz (TDS6154C), 12 GHz (TDS6124C), 8 GHz (TDS6804B), and 6 GHz (TDS6604B)
    • Risetimes to 19 ps 20-80% (28 ps 10-90%) on TDS6154C typical risetime, with channel-matched, user-selectable DSP
    • 40 GS/s real-time sample rate on two channels*1, 20 GS/s real-time sample rate on all four channels with 500 fs/sample interpolated points
    • Up to 64 Megasamples on two channels*1, up to 32 Megasamples record length on all four channels with MultiView Zoom function for quick navigation
    • MyScope Custom Control Windows Enhance Productivity
    • Right Mouse Click Menus for Exceptional Efficiency
    • Pinpoint triggering provides the most flexible and highest performance triggering, with over 1400 combinations to address virtually any triggering situation
    • Serial pattern triggering up to 3.125 Gb/s with 8b/10b protocol triggering
    • Serial data analysis and compliance at rates of 6.25 Gb/s and above
    • OpenChoice software with Microsoft Windows XP OS delivers built-in networking and analysis
    • Technology specific software solutions provide built-in domain expertise for serial data, jitter, ethernet, DVI, USB2.0, communications, and power measurements
    • System includes: Dual processor system (2.8 GHz Pentium 4 and 583 MHz PowerPC), high resolution XGA display, front panel CD-R/W, front panel USB2.0 port, and 1000BaseT network connection


    • Opt. 3M – 32 MSamples on two channels; 16 MSamples on all channels.
    • Opt. JA3 – TDSJIT3 v2.0 Advanced Jitter Analysis Software.
    • Opt. RTE – TDSRT-Eye Serial data compliance and analysis software.
    • Opt. RSA – Software Bundle of TDSJIT3 v2.0 (Opt. J3A), RT-Eye (Opt. RTE), Serial Trigger (Opt. ST), Protocol Trigger and Decode (Opt. PTD), and Serial Mask testing (Opt. SM).
    • Opt. PCE*9 – PCI Express Compliance Module for Opt. RTE.
    • Opt. PTD – Protocol Trigger and Decode (provides protocol decode on all models, requires Opt. ST for protocol triggering on the TDS6000C Series only).
    • Opt. SM – Serial Communications Mask Testing (enables hardware clock recovery).
    • Opt. SST – SATA and SAS Analysis Software Module for Opt. RTE.
    • Opt. ST – Serial Pattern Trigger (enables hardware clock recovery)
    • Opt. USB*10 – TDSUSBS USB 2.0 Compliance Test SW Only.