AEMC Instruments MTX 1052B-PC 150 Mhz Oscilloscopes

AEMC Instruments MTX 1052B-PC

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Product Description

2 Channels/150MHz bandwidth

The MTX 1052B-PC oscilloscopes are compact,
lightweight and stackable. These instruments can be connected directly to a PC
via USB or Ethernet. Web server software is also included.


  • Directly connect to your PC via USB or Ethernet
  • Includes Web server software
  • 2 channels/150MHz bandwidth
  • Sampling rate 200MS/s in one shot mode and 100GS/s in EST Mode
  • Detects 10 nanosecond transients
  • Advanced trigger mode
  • Smart Persistence Oscilloscope (SPO) Analysis
  • Vertical sensitivity from 250uV to 100V/div with 10 bit resolution
  • 300V CAT III rated
  • Stackable, convenient for multiple unit feeds to the PC
  • Uses all the PC advantages allowing high screen resolution and large
    storage capacity for more precise data analysis


  • Laboratory applications in education
  • Research and development departments
  • Electronic design teams