AEMC Instruments OX 7104-C 100 Mhz Oscilloscopes

AEMC Instruments OX 7104-C

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Product Description

100MHz / 4 Isolated Channels

The AEMC OX 7104-C Oscilloscope is a great tool for both laboratory and field testing. Ease-of-use of the instrument is facilitated through 33 specialized keys for direct access to commonly used functions. The AEMC OX 7104-C utilizes a patented new system of plug-and-play accessories, individual isolation of each of the measurement channels, a range of remote management capabilities based on an Ethernet link with web server, a number of built-in instruments, including a four channel TRMS multimeter.

The large 320 x 240 full color LCD screen provides detailed graphical and alphanumerical representations of all measurements and also functions as a touch screen. Using the convenient stylus, the various “Windows-like” menus can be opened or pulled down and executed. The stylus can also be used for direct action on graphic elements such as cursors, triggers, zooming, etc.

This is a four-channel handheld oscilloscope. It s 12-bit resolution and 100-MHz bandwidth put it high on the performance list. Although the instrument has menus, its designers put considerable thought into its buttons, which are nicely organized and color coded. Buttons are organized into vertical, horizontal, trigger, utility, measure, and function. Utility buttons are auto scale, hard copy, full screen mode, snapshot, screen contrast, and screen brightness. The vertical section has buttons to set the vertical and horizontal scales. The horizontal button section has a “Zoom” button. It lets you use the touch screen to select an area to zoom. The oscilloscope s touch screen is large and easy to see indoors and outdoors. The case has an adjustable hand strap on the left side.