AEMC Instruments OX7102CII KIT 100 Mhz Oscilloscopes

AEMC Instruments OX7102CII KIT

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Product Description

4 Channel 100 MHz, Color Oscilloscope

The Oscilloscope Model OX7102-CII is at the top of its category with a 12 bit / 1GS/s converter, a sampling rate of 50GS/s on periodic signals and capture of transients lasting 2 ns or more.

The Model OX 7102-CII can be controlled using either the “Windows-like” menus on the touch screen or 33 dedicated keys offering direct access to the most frequently-used functions. For even better performance in the field, it offers a new patented system of “plug and play” accessories, individual insulation of each of the measurement channels, the extensive remote management possibilities offered by the Ethernet link with a WEB server and a variety of built-in instruments, including a 200kHz multi-channel multimeter.

Featuring five complimentary tools in one – an Oscilloscope, FFT Analyzer, TRMS Multimeter, Harmonic Analyzer and a Recorder. The Model OX 7102-CII is a rugged and ergonomic hand-held instrument that is the perfect tool for both laboratory and field testing.


-5 complementary tools in a single instrument: OSCILLOSCOPE, FFT ANALYZER, MULTIMETER/WATTMETER, HARMONIC ANALYZER on voltage/current/power and RECORDER

-Sampling rate 1GS/s in one-shot mode and 50GS/s in ETS mode

-2 isolated measurement channels (600V CAT III) and up to 8 curves on screen

-2 independent TRMS digital multimeters (8000 counts, 200kHz)

-LCD touch screen and Windows-like menus on screen

-Probix “plug & play” input terminals and smart sensors

-Standard “real-time” FFT analysis and calculation functions on channels

-Multi-interface communication connectors: RS232, Centronics and Ethernet

-Memory depth of up to 50,000 points per channel (OSCILLOSCOPE and RECORDER modes)

-Triggering on measurement thresholds in OSCILLOSCOPE and MULTIMETER modes

-Web Server (FTP server / client) with cursors and automatic measurements

-MiniFlex sensors, powered by the instrument

-Power measurement option included for your power measurements


-On-site contractor maintenance – industrial or electronic

-“Internal” plant maintenance

-Installations and start-up

-Industrial process

-Quality control

-Research and laboratory – engineers or technicians

-Field service