AEMC Instruments OX7104C POWER KIT 100 Mhz Oscilloscopes

AEMC Instruments OX7104C POWER KIT

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OX 7104-C Power Kit Oscilloscopes 4 Channels, 100 MHz, Color

The Oscilloscope Model OX7104-C Power Kit is the perfect tool for both laboratory and field testing.

Portable Oscilloscope Model OX 7104-C Power Kit (Four 100MHz, Color — Kit)
Includes: two PROBIX PRHX1, 1/10 Probe, 250MHz, 600V Cat. III; two PROBIX 4mm banana plug adapters; three PROBIX current probes, 20mA to 80A,
100kHz; one PROBIX PRHX7, K thermocouple adapter; three set-of-two color-coded 1.5m leads and clips (red/black 4mm straight, 4mm right angle); small classic tool bag