Agilent 54505B 300.0 MHz Oscilloscopes

Agilent 54505B

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Product Description

300 MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope

The Agilent / HP 54500 Series of Digitizing Oscilloscopes speed hardware design and debugging with performance. HP’s advanced logic triggering is a standard feature in the HP 54500 Family. Use it to trigger on a wide variety of user-specified conditions. Trigger on edge, pattern, state or trigger after delay to capture such elusive events as timing violations or transient bus phenomena. Some of the products within the HP 54500 family also offer glitch triggering to isolate and trigger on a glitch as narrow as 1.75 ns. To pinpoint infrequent events and determine their cause, use HP’s advanced logic triggering in conjunction with up to four channels to quickly isolate anomalies. Triggering on an anomaly will allow you to probe other points within the system during the failure condition to understand the cause of the problem quickly.