Agilent 54522A 500.0 MHz Oscilloscopes

Agilent 54522A

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Product Description

54522A 2 Channel 2 GSa/s Monochrome Digitizing Oscilloscope

The Agilent 54522A 500 MHz realtime oscilloscopes have the extra performance and features that you need to get an accurate view of the high frequency signals you encounter, whether you do analog or digital design, R&D or manufacturing test. With 32 K memory per channel, 2 channels at up to 2 GSa/s, 1 ns peak detect, and sophisticated triggering, you can be confident that you won’t miss critical signal activity. These feature-rich digitizing scopes also include standard FFT, floppy disk drive, and sequential single shot acquisition for better analysis and characterization of your signals. Choose between a color flat-panel display (54522C) or monochrome display (54522A).

Key Features and Specifications

500 MHz Analog Bandwidth on 2 channels

2 GSa/s Sample Rate on 2 channels

1 ns Peak Detect

32 K of acquisition memory per channel

Sequential single shot acquisition for capturing successive events

Built-in, multi-format 3.5″disk drive


  • 001 Telecomm test mask
  • 002 1145A,2-ch, 750 MHz, SMT Probe
  • 003 1144A, 800MHz, Active probe
  • 1BP Military Standard 45662A Calibration with Test Data
  • 908 Rack Flange Kit for Use without Handles
  • 910 Additional operating and service manual
  • UK9 Front Panel Cover
  • W32 3 Years Return for Calibration Service
  • W34 3 year Customer Return Standard Compliance Calibration Service
  • W50 5 Year Customer Return Repair Service
  • W52 5 Years Return for Calibration Service
  • W54 5 Years Return for Calibration Service