Fluke 120 40 Mhz Oscilloscopes

Fluke 120

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Product Description

Fluke 120 Series ScopeMeter

The Fluke 120 Series brings you all the trouble
shooting tools you need in one easy-to-use, handheld package.

Fluke combined the best features from scopes, meters and recorders into one
affordable handheld tool specifically designed to be a troubleshooting wizard.

Intuitive and easy to use, the Fluke 120 Series’ many efficient features
will save you time and money by minimizing downtime in production and
manufacturing systems. With today’s complex systems, a meter measurement just
doesn’t give enough detail to determine anomalies, dropouts and glitches that
might cause a machine to go down are best displayed with an oscilloscope. The
ScopeMeter 123 and 124 meet today’s need of simultaneaously measuring and
cheacking waveforms.

ScopeMeter 120 Series

The compact ScopeMeter 120 Series is the rugged solution for industrial
troubleshooting and installation applications. It’s atruly integrated test
tool, with oscilloscope, multimeter and paperless recorder in one affordable,
easy-to-use instrument. Find fast answers to problems in machinery,
instrumenatation, control and power systems.

Connect-and-View Automatic Triggering

Recognizes signal patterns and automatically sets up correct triggering to
always provide a stable display of even the most complicated signals, including
motor drives, control signals and video. For hands free operation through the
entire troubleshooting sequence without touching a button.


The TrendPlot Recorder Mode easily captures and clearly displays voltage sags
with a time stamp. This detailed signal graphic plots selected measurement up
to 16 days, helping you pinpoint intermittent problems that are otherwise hard
to track down.

Fluke s Shielded Test Leads

Checks capacitance, measure ohms, check continuity, test diodes all with the
same shielded test leads saving time and the need to buy extra sets of leads.

FlukeView ScopeMeter Software

The 120 Series ScopeMeters come with FlukeView ScopeMeter software for Windows
(Windows 95/98 NT 4.0/2000). Documenting software transfers waveform, screen
and measurement data from ScopeMeter to PC. Requires one free RS-232 port (COM
port) and PM9080 RS-232 adapter/cable (included).

Fluke 120 Series ScopeMeters include FlukeView
ScopeMeter software, RS-232 adapter cable, two BNC adapters and hard-shell