Instek GDS-2202 200.0 MHz Oscilloscopes

Instek GDS-2202

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Product Description

Digital Storage Oscilloscope 200 MHz 2 Channel

The Instek GDS2202 200 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope covers major applications in laboratories, production lines, or field services. 1 GSa/s high sampling rate and 25k point deep memory give much detailed view into the target waveforms , keeping high sampling rate . USB host and slave connection allows data save and recall, screen image printout, and remote control. TFT color LCD display with wide viewing angle eliminates obscurity in any situation . Battery operation option gives a much-desired mobility in rapidly changeable environments. Signal Detection GDS-2000 Series pick up signals even in the most extreme cases, powered by 1 GSa/s real time and 25 GSa/s equivalent sampling rate combined with 3 types of acquisition modes: sample, peak detect, and average. 25k points of deep memory collects more information of a given waveform, guiding us into further signal details. 4 types of flexible triggers add another signal capturing flexibility: edge , video ( NTSC, PAL, SECAM ) with line selection, pulse-width, and delay/event using external trigger signal ( for 2 CH models ).

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