KENWOOD CS-4135A 40 Mhz Oscilloscopes


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Product Description

CS SERIES Real Time Oscilloscopes 40MHz, 2CH

  • High reliability with Kenwood Original Hibrid ICs
  • High-intensity CRT (12 kV) (with scale illumination)
  • Dynamic range with a headroom for accurate waveform display without distortion
  • High sensitivity of 1 mV/div (DC to 5 MHz)
  • Maximum sweep rate of 20 ns/div (x10 MAG)
  • FIX sync
  • One-touch TV sync
  • Convenient VERT mode
  • One-touch ALT/CHOP switching
  • X-Y Mode
  • Vertical axis signal output connector
  • Waveforms can be observed by applying intensity modulation.
  • Added or subtracted waveforms can be observed.
  • The trace inclination can be corrected with the front panel operation.
  • Relay-type attenuators with long life and excellent operability are used.