KENWOOD DCS-8300 100 Mhz Oscilloscopes


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Product Description

DCS SERIES Digital Storage Oscilloscopes 40 MS/s 2CH, 100MS/s (CH1+CH2), 100M Real Time


The DCS-8300 offers you both easy operation part of an analog oscilloscope and high functionality part of a digital oscilloscope. As it employs high-intensity CRT high-speed single event can be observed easily.

The DCS-8300 has a variety of trigger functions to catch many different waveform. It also has a 40 MS/s AD converter in each channel and a maximum sampling speed of 100MS/s is achieved in 1 channel mode. A large capacity of 16K words memory for each channel makes long-term record storage possible. For front panel settings up to 100 steps can be stored which enables recall of frequently used settings etc. by a touch of a button. A selection of optional interface (GP-IB or RS-232C) is also available. When these options are used the DCS-8300 can be controlled by PC or waveform data can be stored in PC.

100 MS/s (1CH) High-speed sampling

When the DCS-8300 is used by the 1 channel mode, high-speed sampling at 100 MS/s is available. It is possible the measurement of high speed events. The highest sampling rate by 2 channel mode is 40 MS/s.

Large capacity 16K words memory

16K words of acquisition memory and 2K words of reference memory are provided for each channel.

TV line counter

For television signal synchro-nization, a line counter is also provided. By selecting the frame line number to be checked, the required line number can be observed.


* 100 MS/s (1CH) High-speed sampling

* Large capacity 16K words memory

* TV line counter

* Parameter Auto Measurement Function

* Automatic setup function

* Pre-trigger

* Overwrite function

* Single roll

* 2% accuracy

* 100-Step Programming