PHILIPS PM3323 300 Mhz Oscilloscopes


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Product Description

300 MHz, DSO, 2 Ch., 500 MS/Sec

The Philips PM3323 Digital Storage Oscilliscope provides extensive acquisition, calculation and display functions in the frequency range up to 300 MHz.

The PM 3323’s fast 500 MS/s sampling rate applies to both channels, simultaneously and synchronously. Input impedance selectable between 50 Ohms and 1 MOhm.

It offers a full 2 ns resolution for each channel, for repetitive and single events. Random sampling permits the use of higher time base speeds for repetitive signals, so that the full 300 MHz of the instrument can be used and stored.

Automatic cursor positioning and measurements of amplitude, time, frequency and phase.

The PM 3323 has a large 10 cm x 12 cm CRT screen. The edges of the screen show acquisition parameters of the live signals.

The interface option offers full GP-IB (HP-IB/ IEEE 488) and RS-232 C capabilities.