Pico Technology 2205 Education Kit 25 Mhz Oscilloscopes

Pico Technology 2205 Education Kit

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Pico Education Kit with PicoScope 2205 and Apparatus (p/n PP471)

Developed for both students and teachers, the PicoScope Education Kit is a versatile – and affordable – kit that has many educational uses.

The PicoScope Education Kit is suitable for use in middle schools, colleges, universities and beyond. It comes with all you need to perform a variety of experiments. Everything fits neatly into a durable carry case allowing you to set up an experiment and get started within a matter of minutes.

A PicoScope 2205 USB Oscilloscope is included with the kit. This dual-channel PC Oscilloscope is capable of real-time sampling rates of up to 200 megasamples per second, has a 25 MHz analogue bandwidth and a 16,000 sample buffer memory. With the PicoScope 2205 you get a complete test and measuremant lab in one compact device: as well as an oscilloscope, the PicoScope 2205 can also function as a spectrum analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator and data logger too.

The PicoScope Education Kit comes complete with PicoScope for Education – a version of our popular PicoScope 6 software. As well as all the features of PicoScope 6 – including oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, waveform generator, automated measurements and persistence display modes – PicoScope for Education also includes an experiments menu: select an experiment from the menu and PicoScope will automatically set up your oscilloscope and display detailed instructions which explain the purpose of the experiment, apparatus needed, method and expected results – allowing you to get started on the experiment with the minimum amount of effort and time.

With PicoScope software you benefit from the familiar Windows interface and controls, making the software easy to learn and easy to use. The results from your experiments can be saved in a variety of formats including CSV and text, graphical formats such as PNG and GIF and in binary format as a MATLAB file. You can also print the results or copy and paste them into other applications.

PicoScope software is completely free so you can use you can use the software on as many PCs as you like, and free software updates can be downloaded from our website.

A software development kit is also provided. This contains software drivers and example code in various languages – the perfect tool for anyone wanting to develop their computer programming skills, or use the PicoScope Education Kit with their own applications.