Pico Technology 4224-IEPE Precision Oscilloscope 20.0 MHz Oscilloscopes

Pico Technology 4224-IEPE Precision Oscilloscope

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Product Description

The 2-channel PicoScope 4224 and the 4-channel PicoScope 4424 are high-resolution oscilloscopes that are suitable for general, scientific and field-service use. With 12-bit resolution (adjustable up to 16 bits in enhanced resolution mode) and 1% accuracy they also make an excellent choice for noise, vibration and mechanical analysis.

An IEPE oscilloscope that you can afford

Normally if you want to use IEPE sensors you either need to buy an expensive oscilloscope with an IEPE interface, or an equally expensive add-on module. Not anymore. Our PicoScope 4224 IEPE is at a price you can afford, and features an integrated IEPE interface making it compatible with industry-standard IEPE accelerometers and microphones.