Promax OD-425 25 Mhz Oscilloscopes

Promax OD-425

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Product Description

2 Channel Digital Oscilloscope – 25 MHz

The new digital storage oscilloscope OD-400 series (OD-410, OD-425, OD-460). The OD-400 are a general purpose 2-channel oscilloscopes and originally designed to meet requirement in education and industrial fields without special DSO features. This series provides three selective bandwidths of 25 MHz, 60 MHz and 100 MHz. The TFT color LCD display without any defect pixel, users will enjoy better measurement experience!.

OD-400 series offers dual sampling mode, giving users two options for 250 MS/s Real-Time sampling or 25 GS/s high-speed Equivalent sampling rate. What’s more, with high-speed wave handling capability, more advanced triggering functions, and 2.5 kg light-weight design, it is a powerful functional oscilloscope with the best price than ever.

Ultimately, the OD-400 are considered for the replacement of analog oscilloscope and further promoted as a personal DSO affordable to any situation such as each student in educational labs, service technicians, or industrial field needing big quantity.


  • Large 5.6-in TFT Color Display
  • 100 / 60 / 25 MHz Bandwidth
  • 2 input channels
  • 250 MS/s Real-Time and 25 GS/s Equivalent-Time Sampling
  • 4 kPoints Record length per channel
  • Save/Recall of 15 front panel settings and waveforms
  • 19 Automatic Measurements
  • Built-in 6 digit real-time frequency counter
  • Three Math Functions: +, – and FFT
  • Advanced trigger: Pulse Width, TV Line
  • Multi-Language Support and Built-in Help Menu
  • PC Interface support: SD card and USB Device