Tektronix 11802 20 Ghz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix 11802

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Product Description


Built-in delay lines allow internal triggering and viewing of the leading edge of the trigger event. Virtually all of the operation of the 11802 is accomplished through the touch-screen and two knobs located at the lower right of the screen. Autoset provides immediate display of an applied signal, correctly scaled and triggered.

For those application where four channels are sufficient, the 11802 offers a built-in, dual compensated, delay line with trigger pickoff. The delay line allows you to pick off a trigger from the input signal and provides up to 5ns of pretrigger viewing. This is especially useful in applications involving low repetition rate signals, where it may be impractical to trigger on one event and look at the next repetition of that event.


1R – Rackmount

23 – PEP 301 Instrument/System Controller