TEKTRONIX 2440-11 300 Mhz Oscilloscopes


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Product Description

The 2440 Portable Oscilloscope is a 500 MS/s, 300MHz scope with 8-bit vertical resolution, and 2 ns capture glitch. Time bases: main, delay. Menu driven for easy setups and diagnostic, extensive programming and measurement capabilities.

Sampling Rate: 500MS/s. Bandwidth: 300MHz(repetitive) 200MHz (single shot).Vertical Res: 8 bit. Glitch Capture: 2ns at 50% amplitude


03 – Word Recognizer Probe Pod, P6407

05 – Video Waveform Trigger System

11 – Probe Power

1P – HC100 Color Plotter (U.S. power)

1R – Rackmount