Tektronix 465B-05 100 Mhz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix 465B-05

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Product Description

The 465B Dual Trace Oscilloscope is an upgraded version of the reliable TEK 465. Improved trace selection allows you choice of Channel 1 and/or Channel 2, plus their sum or difference, ‘A’ trigger view in any combination. The instrument covers the frequency range of DC to 100MHz, and has a 5ns/div sweep rate.
Standard Accessories

Two 10X Probes
Blue Accessory Pouch
Clear Pouch
Blue CRT Light Filter
Clear CRT Light Filter
Ground Wire
Two 1.5-amp Fuses
3/4-amp Fuse

Option 04 = Emc Modification
Option 05 = TV Sync Separator (Provides triggering on TV field and TV line)