Tektronix DPO70804

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Product Description


The DPO70000 Series real-time digital phosphor oscilloscopes provide users a solution to the challenging signal integrity issues faced by designers verifying, characterizing, debugging and testing sophisticated electronic designs.

The family features exceptional performance in signal acquisition and analysis, operational simplicity and unmatched debugging tools to accelerate day-to-day tasks. The large touchscreen and the intuitive user interface provide easy access to the maximum amount of information.


Signal Integrity, Jitter and Timing Analysis

Verification, Debug and Characterization of Sophisticated Designs

Debugging and Compliance Testing of Serial Data Streams for Telecom and Datacom Industry Standards

Investigation of Transient Phenomena

Power Measurements and Analysis

Spectral Analysis


4 Channels

8 GHz Bandwidth

Sample Rate: 25 GS/s

Standard Record Length: 10 Megasamples on All 4 Channels

Maximum Record Length: Up to 100 Megasamples Record Length with MultiView Zoom Feature for Quick Navigation (Optional)

>250,000 wfm/s Maximum Waveform Capture Rate

MyScope(R) Custom Windows

FastAcq Acquisition Mode Expedites Debugging by Clearly Showing Imperfections

Pinpoint(R) Triggering System

12.1″ Liquid crystal active-matrix color XGA touchscreen display


10XL – 125M samples per channel

2XL – 20M samples per channel

5XL – 50M samples per channel

ASM – Advanced Event Search and Mark

DDRA – DDR Memory Bus Analysis

DJA – Jitter and Eye Diagram Analysis – Advanced

DVI – DVI Compliance Testing

ET3 – Ethernet Compliance testing

HT3 – HDMI Compliance Testing

IBA – InfiniBand Compliance Module for RTE

JA3 – Jitter and Timing Measurements – Advanced

PCE – PCI Express Compliance Module for RTE

SST – Serial ATA and Serial Attached SCSI Analysis

USB – USB 2.0 Compliance Testing