Tektronix DSA8200 50 Ghz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix DSA8200

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Product Description

The DSA8200 digital serial analyzer sampling oscilloscope is the first tool to provide complete Serial Data Link Analysis (SDLA) capability and remains your time- and cost-effective choice for signal path characterization.

As the leader in the market for TDR-based solutions, the DSA8200 gives you the greatest performance for serial data network analysis applications – TDR performance, S-parameter bandwidth, signal fidelity, and RMS noise. And as the leader, it also gives you the versatility for characterization and conformance testing of emerging high-speed computer and communications electrical and optical signals.

Features & Benefits

  • First complete Serial Data Link Analysis capability with 80SJNB
  • Industry-leading Timebase Jitter Performance <200 fsRMS
  • Highest Performance Integrated TDR/TDT – 12 ps incident rise time
  • S-parameter Measurements


  • Opt. GT –Gated Trigger.
  • Opt. JNB/Opt. JNB01 – Essential and AdvancedJitter,Noise and BER Analysis Software.See80SJNB Essentials and 80SJNB Advanced formore information.