Tektronix MSO2012 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

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Product Description

100 MHz, 2 Channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The MSO2000 and DPO2000 Series
digital phosphor oscilloscopes (DPOs)
deliver the performance and tools you
need to visualize your signals and find
answers quickly. The DPO2000 Series
are the first oscilloscopes to provide
1 M points of usable record length on
all channels, serial trigger and decode
analysis options, a variable low-pass
filter that also allows you to see signal
details to the oscilloscope’s full bandwidth
and all in a compact form factor.
The MSO2000 Series adds 16 integrated
digital channels, enabling you to visualize
and time correlate analog and digital
signals on a single instrument. This integration
extends triggering functionality
across all 20 channels – which is ideal
for debugging mixed analog and
digital designs.


  • Opt. A0 North America power.
  • Opt. A1–Universal EURO power.
  • Opt. A2–United Kingdom power.
  • Opt. A3–Australia power.
  • Opt. A5–Switzerland power.
  • Opt. A6–Japan power.
  • Opt. A10–China power.
  • Opt. A11–India power.
  • Opt. A99–No power cord or AC adapter.