Tektronix MSO71604 16 Ghz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix MSO71604

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Product Description

The DPO/DSA70000B and MSO70000 Series combine industry-leading bandwidth of 20 GHz with the highest waveform capture rate, best signal fidelity, lowest noise floor, and the only available hardware-based serial pattern trigger for data rates up to 5 Gb/s in the industry. The MSO70000 also includes 16 logic channels with a very accurate 80 psec timing resolution. Tektronix understands that engineers rely on an oscilloscope throughout their design cycle, from prototype turn-on to production testing. The unique capabilities of the DPO/DSA70000B and MSO70000 Series oscilloscopes, combined with exceptional signal acquisition performance and analysis, accelerate your measurement tasks.

The MSO70000 Series combines the signal visibility and timing features of a high performance logic analyzer with the analog precision, probing, and usability of a high performance real-time oscilloscope. This makes it the ideal debug and verification tool for such demanding high-speed design applications as DDR memory, high performance ASICs, FPGAs, system-on-a-chip devices, and digital RF. In addition, the MSO70000 delivers the widest variety of probing accessories for making both analog and digital connections to the device under test (DUT) with minimal disruption. The MSO70000 family of performance MSOs enhances debugging by providing a full suite of measurement capability in a single instrument, making it the ideal choice for resolving analog issues in digital systems.

  • 16 GHz Bandwidth – The high bandwidth enables measurement on the latest high-speed serial standardsv
  • 50 GS/s Real-Time Sample Rate
  • Up to 250 Megasample Record Length with MultiView Zoom Feature for Quick Navigation
  • Fastest Waveform Capture Rate with >300,000 wfms/s maximum per channel
  • Superior Signal Integrity and Excellent Signal-to-Noise Ratio – Observe the truest representation of your waveform
  • Pinpoint Triggering – Minimize time spent trying to acquire problem signals for efficient troubleshooting and shortened debug time
  • 5 Gb/s Real-time Serial Trigger – Assures triggering on the first instance of a specified NRZ or 8b/10b pattern to allow isolation of pattern-dependent effects
  • Search & Mark – Provides waveform pattern matching and software triggers for signals of interest
  • 16 Logic Channels with 80 ps Timing Resolution for Debug of Digital and Analog Signals
  • Analog Views on any Connected Digital Channel – Provides unsurpassed versatility and debugging insight across all 20 channels
  • P7500 TriMode Probing System – Perfectly matched signal connectivity from 4 GHz to 20 GHz
  • Application Support for High-speed Serial Industry Standards, RF, Power Supplies and Memory – Enables standard-specific certification, measurement automation, and ease of use
  • More than 30 Analysis Suites – Includes I2C and SPI bus analysis, DPOJET for jitter and eye diagram analysis, DDRA for DDR Memory Bus Verification, SDLA for EQ/channel emulation and analysis, and SignalVu for Frequency Domain display and analysis
  • P6780 and P6717 High Performance 17 Channel Logic Probes with Bandwidths up to 2.5 GHz for Connections to the Fast Digital Signals of Today


  • 10XL Extended record length – 125M/Ch
  • 20XL Extended record length – 250M/Ch
  • 210XL Extended record length – 125M/Ch for DSAs or MSOs w/ option DSAx
  • 220XL Extended record length – 250M/Ch for DSAs or MSOs w/ option DSAx
  • 25XL Extended record length – 62.5M/Ch for DSAs or MSOs w/ option DSAx
  • 2XL Extended record length – 31.25 M/Ch
  • 5XL Extended record length – 62.5 M/Ch
  • CP2 ANSI/ITU Telecom Pulse Compliance Testing Software
  • D-PHY MIPI D-PHY Transmitter Debug, Characterization and Compliance Test Solution (requires DJA)
  • DDRA DDR Memory Bus Analysis (requires DJA)
  • DDU Distributor Demonstration Unit
  • DJA Jitter and Eye Analysis Tools – Advanced (DPOJET)
  • DJAH DPOJET Jitter and Eye Diagram Analysis (Upgrade for DPO70404 – DPO70804 or MSO70404 – MSO70804 models)
  • DJAU DPOJET Jitter and Eye Diagram Analysis (Upgrade for DPO71254 – DPO72004 or MSO71254 – MSO72004 models)
  • DP12 DisplayPort 1.2 Source Test Automation Software
  • DPHY MIPI D-PHY Transmitter Debug, Characterization and Compliance Test Solution (requires DJA)
  • DSAH Digital Serial Analysis Bundle (Upgrade for DPO/MSO70404 – DPO/MSO70804 models)
  • DSAU Digital Signal Analysis Bundle for >12 GHz
  • DSPT DisplayPort Transmitter Compliance Test Software (requires DJA and record length options: 5XL, 10XL, or 20 XL)
  • DVI DVI Compliance Testing
  • EQ Equalization to upgrade from Option SLE to Option SLA
  • ERRDT Frame and Bit Error Rate Detector for High Speed Serial Stds (requires option ST6G)
  • ERRDTH Frame and Bit Error Rate Detector (Upgrade for DPO70404 – DPO70804, DSA70404 – DSA70804, or MSO70404 – MSO70804 models)
  • ERRDTU Frame and Bit Error Rate Detector (Upgrade for DPO71254 – DPO72004, DSA71254 – DSA72004, or MSO71254 – MSO72004 models)
  • ET3 Ethernet Compliance Testing
  • FBD FB-DIMM Memory Bus Analysis (requires RTE)
  • HT3 HDMI Compliance Testing
  • HT3DS HDMI Direct Synthesis for HDMI 1.4 (requires HT3)
  • IBA Infiniband Compliance Module (requires RTE)
  • IF Upgrade Installation Service
  • J2 TDSDDM2 Disk-drive Analysis Software
  • JA3 Jitter and Timing Measurements – JIT 3 Advanced
  • L0 English manual
  • L1 French manual
  • L10 Russian Manual
  • L3 German manual
    L5 Japanese manual
    L7 Simple Chinese Manual
    L8 Standard Chinese Manual
    L9 Korean manual
    L99 No Manual
    LT Waveform Limit Testing
    M-PHY MIPI M-PHY Transmitter Debug, Characterization and Compliance Test Solution (requires DJA)
    MHD MHL Advanced Analysis and Compliance Software( Needs Option Tek Exp, Option DJA and Option 2XL)
    MPHY MIPI M-PHY Transmitter Debug, Characterization and Compliance Test Solution (requires DJA)
    MTH Mask Testing, Includes Hardware Clock Recovery
    PCE PCI Express Measurements (requires either DJA or RTE)
    PCE3 PCI Express Essentials (requires DJA)
    PTD Protocol Decoding for 8b/10b-encoded Serial Signals
    PWR Power Measurement and Analysis
    R3 Repair Service 3 Years (including warranty)
    R5 Repair Service 5 Years (including warranty)
    RTE Real-time Eye – Serial Data Compliance and Analysis
    SLA Serial Data Link Analysis – Advanced (includes Equalization)
    SLE Serial Data Link Analysis – Essentials (no Equalization)
    SR-COMP Computer Serial Triggering and Analysis (RS-232/422/485/UART)
    SR-DPHY MIPI D-PHY (DSI1 / CSI2) Serial Analysis
    SR-EMBD Embedded Serial Triggering and Analysis (I2C, SPI)
    SR-USB USB Serial Triggering and Analysis
    SRCOMP Computer Serial Triggering and Analysis (RS-232/422/485/UART)
    SRCUST Custom Serial Analysis Kit for Developers
    SRDPHY MIPI D-PHY (DSI1 / CSI2) Serial Analysis
    SREMBD Embedded Serial Triggering and Analysis (I2C, SPI)
    SRUSB USB Serial Triggering and Analysis
    SSD Additional Removable Disk – Solid State Drive (customer installable)
    SST SAS and Serial ATA Compliance Module (requires RTE)
    ST6G 8b/10b Serial Protocol Trigger and Decode up to 6.25Gb/s
    SVE SignalVu Essentials – Vector Signal Analysis Software for Oscilloscopes
    SVEH SignalVu™Essentials – Vector Signal Analysis Software
    SVEU SignalVu™Essentials – Vector Signal Analysis Software
    SVM General Purpose Digital Modulation Analysis. Requires Opt. SVE
    SVO Flexible OFDM Analysis, Requires Opt. SVE
    SVP Advanced Signal Analysis (including pulse measurements), Requires Opt. SVE
    SVT Settling Time, Frequency, and Phase. Requires Opt. SVE
    USB USB 2.0 Compliance Testing
    USB3 USB 3.0 Essentials (requires DJA)
    UWB Ultra Wideband Analysis
    VET Visual Trigger and Search
    VNM TDSVNM CAN and LIN Timing and Protocol Decode (Triggering not included)
    XL010 Standard Configuration to Option 10XL Configuration
    XL02 Standard Configuration to Option 2XL Configuration
    XL020 Standard Configuration to Option 20XL Configuration
    XL05 Standard Configuration to Option 5XL Configuration