Tektronix TDS3054 500 Mhz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix TDS3054

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Product Description

The TDS3054 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope (DPO) features advanced waveform capture, display, and measurement capabilities. The instrument delivers three dimensions of signal information (amplitude, time, and distribution of amplitude over time) in real-time.

  • Number of Channels: 4
  • Bandwidth: 500MHz
  • Sample Rate on Each Channel: 5 GS/s
  • Display Monitor: Color LCD


  • Opt. A1 Universal Euro 220V, 50Hz (161-0104-06).
  • Opt. A2 United Kingdom 240V, 50Hz (161-0104-07).
  • Opt. A3 Australia 240V, 50Hz (161-0104-05).
  • Opt. A5 Switzerland 220V, 50Hz (161-0167-00).
  • Opt. A6 Japan 3 to 2 wire adapter (013-0310-00).