Tektronix TDS360 200.0 MHz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix TDS360

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Product Description

Oscilloscope, Digital: 200MHz,1GSa/s,2ch (Stand alone)

Capture real-time signals on each and every sweep with the new TDS360 Digital Real Time Oscilloscope with twice the bandwidth and twice the sample rate of previous TDS360 models. All models come with Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to display harmonic content of waveforms. In addition, the TDS360 comes with a built-in floppy disk drive for simplified PC compatability. These digital scopes will meet your needs in all areas: education, product design, manufacturing, service and troubleshooting.

Key applications include:

Troubleshooting and verification of electronic circuitry, electronic products testing, installation, repair and performance of electronics products

Single-shot capture to full bandwidth
Enhanced measurement efficiency

Efficient analysis of harmonics with FFT mode
High-speed sampling that minimizes aliasing

Desktop publishing of test reports
Import waveform values into spreadsheet for analysis

Bandwidth: 200 MHz

Channels: 2

Sample Rate: 1 GS/s/channel

Sweep Speeds: 2.5 ns/div – 5 s/div

Vertical Sensitivity: 2 mV – 10 V

Vertical Resolution: 8 Bits

Record Length: 1 K/channel

Standard Advanced Features: FFT, TV Line & Field Trigger, Roll Mode, Autoset, 21 Automatic Measurements, Peak Detect, Floppy Disk Drive