Tektronix TDS460-1M-05 350.0 MHz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix TDS460-1M-05

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Product Description

4 Channels, 350 MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope

A longer record length along with superb sensitivity and signal processing make the TDS460A Digitizing Oscilloscope the ideal tool for detailed analysis, precision research, digital design, and manufacturing testing. Key applications include electronic equipment troubleshooting, automotive design, mechanical analysis.

Increased bandwith for accurate measurements on faster signals

Longer record length provides high resolution over long time frames

Easy-to-use scope interface

Bandwidth: 350 MHz

Channels: 4

Max Sample Rate: 100 MS/s on all channels

Sweep Speeds: 1 ns/div – 20 s/div

Vertical Sensitivity: 1 mV – 10 V

Vertical Resolution: 8 Bits (up to 12 Bits w/Hi-Res)

Record Length: 30K/channel (120K w/Opt. 1M)

Standard Advanced Features: 14 Hardcopy Formats, 25 Automatic Measurements, Peak Detect, Roll Mode (triggered and untriggered roll), Pass/Fail Limit Testing, Advanced Signal Processing

3.5 DOS Floppy Drive

Manufacturer’s Options:

Option 1K = K212 Cart

Option 1M = 120,000 Point Record Length

Option 1R = Rack Mount

Option 02 = Front Cover and Accessories Pouch

Option 1F = 3.5" DOS Floppy Drive

Option 2A = Video Trigger and 120,000 Point Record Lengrh

Option 2F = Extended Waveform Math; FFT, Integration, Differentiation

Option 3P = Printer Pack with Thermal Printer and RS-232C/Centronics Interface