Tektronix TDS5054B-18 500 Mhz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix TDS5054B-18

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Product Description

The TDS5000B Series digital phosphor oscilloscopes (DPO) deliver up to 1 GHz bandwidth, 5 GS/s real-time sample rate, 16 M record length, and a suite of advanced triggers, enabling you to capture and characterize even your most demanding signals. DPOs provide unmatched insight into signal behavior by displaying, storing and analyzing complex signals in real-time using three dimensions of signal information: amplitude, time and distribution of amplitude over time. The TDS5000B also introduces a comprehensive suite of right mouse click menus that make simple things as they should be – simple. Right click menus are context sensitive, meaning the choices presented in the menu depend on where you right clicked the mouse.

Opt. 18 Touch-screen interface for TDS5034B