Tektronix TDS540D 500.0 MHz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix TDS540D

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Product Description

500 Mhz oscilloscope

The TDS 500D/700D oscilloscopes
are the first in the
TDS family of Digital Phosphor
Oscilloscopes (DPOs)
designed to keep pace with
current and evolving needs in
advanced electronic design
and debug. DPOs deliver a
new level of insight that
makes dealing with complex
signals elementary, a new
level of insight that must be
seen to be believed.
DPO’s capture, store, display,
and analyze, in real-time,
three dimensions of signal
information: amplitude, time,
and distribution of amplitude
over time. The benefit of this
new third dimension of information
is an interpretation of
the signal dynamics, including
instantaneous changes
and the frequency of occurrence
displayed in the form
of quantitative intensity