Tektronix TDS680B 1.0 GHz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix TDS680B

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Product Description

Oscilloscope, Digital: 1GHz,5GSa/s,2channel

1 GHz and 500 MHz Bandwidth

5 GS/s and 2.5 GS/s Sample Rates

4 and 2 Input Channels

8-Bit Vertical Resolution

Greater than 11-Bits with Averaging

Record Length to 15,000 Points

1 mV/div to 10 V/div Sensitivity

1.5% Vertical Accuracy

Waveform Math and Advanced Waveform DSP

1 ns Peak Detect (not available w/TDS 640A)

Channel Deskew (not available w/TDS 640A)

Fully Automated Measurement System

Waveform Pass/Fail Template Testing

Color VGA Display

3.5 in. DOS Format Floppy Drive

RS-232, Centronics, GPIB and VGA I/O Ports


  • Opt. 05 – Video Trigger, NTSC, PAL, HDTV,FlexFormat™.
  • Opt. 1K – Model K420 Instrument Cart.
  • Opt. 1R – Rackmount Kit.
  • Opt. 2D – (TDS 620B only) Delete Standard twoP6139A Probes.
  • Opt. 24 – Add four P6139A 10X Passive Probes.
  • Opt. 26 – (TDS 684B only) Add four P6245 1.5GHz, 1pF FET Probes.
  • Opt. 27 – (TDS 680B only) Add two P6245 1.5 GHz,1 pF FET Probes.