Tektronix TDS684C 1.0 GHz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix TDS684C

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Product Description

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Features & Benefits:

3 GHz and 1 GHz Bandwidths to Work with the Fastest Signals in Today’s Digital Designs

10 GS/s and 5 GS/s Sample Rates on all Channels Simultaneously for Full Bandwidth Single-shot Capture

Waveform Math and Advanced Waveform DSP

Waveform Pass/Fail Template Testing

Color Display

RS-232, Centronics and GPIB Interfaces Included Standard

Record Length to 120,000 Points/Channel

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    Timebase Accuracy to 10 ppm, Time Interval Measurement Accuracy to +/-15 ps (TDS694C)

    Trigger Jitter 8 psRMS (Typical)

    1% Vertical Accuracy (TDS694C)

    100 ps Peak Detect (TDS694C Only)


    Validation and Characterization of High Speed Digital Designs

    Verify Simulation Performance with Real Measurements

    Ensure that Desired Design Margins Exist

    Jitter Measurements on High-speed Data, Phase-locked Loops and Spread-spectrum Clock Circuits

    Capture Glitches, Cross-talk, Setup/Hold Violations

    Telecommunications/Data Communications Design

    Characterize Rise Times, Overshoot, Channel-to-channel Timing

    Verify and Test High-speed Serial Data Streams

    High-energy Physics

    Transient Event Capture

  • 1 TDS694C with long record length option (1 M) only. 15,000 points/channel maximum on TDS684C.

    Whether you are working on next generation microprocessor designs, high-speed data communications equipment or in high-energy physics research, the TDS694C captures your fastest signals with the best fidelity and resolution available. Its 3 GHz bandwidth preserves your waveform’s fast rising edges and accurately shows signal details. With 10 GS/s digitizing rate simultaneously on all four channels and a high-stability timebase, the TDS694C makes your critical timing measurements with the highest resolution and accuracy – even channel-to-channel measurements made in a single acquisition.

    The TDS600C oscilloscopes incorporate all the advanced trigger features you expect in a high performance oscilloscope: triggering on Glitches, Slew Rate violations, Setup-and-hold Time violations, Timeouts, Logic Patterns and States on four channels. For applications where sophisticated multichannel debugging is required, the TDS694C can be configured for cross triggering with a Tektronix TLA700 Logic Analyzer.

    The TDS600C oscilloscopes give you the total solution to your digital design characterization and debugging needs. Now you have the tool you need to verify design margins, characterize setup-and-hold times and measure clock-to-data skew on the fastest digital designs. The TDS694C’s companion probe, the P6249, offers small size to reliably contact your high-density boards with their fine-pitch, hard to reach components. The P6249 has short ground connection to give the maximum system bandwidth and preserve the details of your signals.


    • Opt 33 (TDS684C/TDS680C only) Add 1 ea.P6158 Low Capacitance Probe.
    • Opt 34 (TDS684C/680C/654C Only) Add 1 ea.P6247 differential Probe.
    • Opt 36 (TDS684C/680C/654C Only) Add 1ea.P6139A Passive Probe.
    • Opt 37 (TDS684C/680C Only) add 1 ea. P6245Active Probe.
    • Opt HD (TDS684C/680C/654C Only) Internal HardDisk Drive.