Tektronix TDS7404B-4M-SM-ST-USB-RT-HDM1-JT3 4 Ghz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix TDS7404B

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Product Description

Tektronix TDS7404B 4GHz 4CH 20GSa/s Oscilloscope

The Tektronix TDS7000 Series digital phosphor oscilloscope (DPO) finally
bridges the gap between the oscilloscope and the larger design environment.
One touch transforms the familiar waveform display screen into a Windows
98 desktop. The TDS7000 is the first instrument that can be a highperformance
oscilloscope, a full-fledged Windows PC, or both at the same
time whatever is right for the task at hand.
The TDS7000 is a true DPO with real-time sample rates up to 20 GS/s
and bandwidths up to 4 GHz. It also offers the features that are innate in
Windows 98 computer platforms: industry standard connections (including
USB) to peripherals and printers, as well as a proven LAN interface for
network communications.


  • 1K – K4000 Instrument Cart
  • 1R – Rack Mount Kit
  • 2M – Acquisition Memory, 2M per Ch
  • 3M – Acquisition Memory, 4M per Ch
  • 4M – Acquisition Memory, 8M per Ch
  • 5M – Acquisition Memory, 16M per Ch
  • CP3 – Compliance Testing ITU-T G.703, ANSI T1.102
  • DVD – Optical Storage Analysis Application
  • DVI – DVI Compliance Test Application
  • ET3 – Ethernet Compliance Test Application
  • FHD – Front Panel Hard Disk Drive
  • IBA – INFINIBand Module
  • J2 – Disk Drive Measurements
  • J3E – Essentials Application
  • JT3 – Adv Jitter Analysis Application
  • PCE – PCI Express Module
  • PW3 – Power Measurement Analysis (requires SM option)
  • RTE – Serial Data Compliance Analysis
  • SM – Serial Comm Mask Testing
  • ST – Serial Pattern Triggering
  • USB – USB2 Testing Software (requires TDSUSBF)