Tektronix TDS754C-13-1F-2F 500 Mhz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix TDS754C-13-1F-2F

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Product Description

500 MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope

The TDS500C/700C oscilloscopes are the latest in the TDS family of digitizing oscilloscopes designed to keep pace with current and evolving needs in advanced electronic design and debug. They are also powerful tools for communication design and R&D applications.

At over 400,000 waveforms per second, the TDS500C and TDS700C products with InstaVu Acquisition have the fastest waveform capture rate available on an oscilloscope. They allow you to instantly view even the rarest signal events.

Like the other members of the TDS series, the TDS500C and TDS700C products have a well-rounded combination of a graphical user interface, high-fidelity acquisition, advanced triggering, automatic measurements, and complementary measurement accessories.

500 MHz, 4 ch, 2 GS/s. Insta-Vu acquisition with color display. Includes floppy, Centronics, RS-232 and GPIB. Intuitive user interface and multiprocessor DSP design. Complex design and debug tasks are streamlined with powerful triggering and automatic measurement capability.


13 – Add RS-232C and Centronics hardcopy interface.

1F –

2F – Extended waveform math: FTT, integration, and differentiation.