Tektronix TLA5201B 2 Ghz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix TLA5201B

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Product Description

34 Channel, 2 GHz Timing with 125 ps MagniVu Acquisition, 235 MHz State, 2 Mb Logic Analyzer

TLA5000B Series logic analyzers combine debug power with simplicity and affordability

The affordable TLA5000B Series logic analyzers make high-speed timing resolution, fast state acquisition, long record length, and sophisticated triggering available to any digital designer who needs to identify initialization failures, operation crashes, and intermittent operation. For first-time as well as experienced logic analyzer users, the TLA5000B Series is ideal for single-bus timing and state analysis. An intuitive user interface, familiar Windows-based desktop, and OpenChoice networking and analysis features make the TLA5000B Series logic analyzers easy to network into your design environment.

500 ps timing resolution and 32 Mb record length with simultaneous 125 ps MagniVu timing resolution within each acquisition means you can measure digital signal timing on increasingly faster signals with confidence. With MagniVu timing resolution, find difficult problems such as digital logic errors, glitches, setup/hold violations, and crosstalk quickly. Use setup/hold violation triggering and display to validate setup/hold performance of digital devices.


  • 1C GRIB iView external oscilloscope cable kit
  • PO Accessory pouch for TLA5000B
  • 8S Increase to 8 Mb base record length per channel
  • 9S Increase to 32 Mb base record length per channel