Tektronix TPS2024B 200 Mhz Oscilloscopes

Tektronix TPS2024B

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Product Description

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

The TPS2000B Series offers a distinctive range of capabilities in an
oscilloscope with controls and menus you will find familiar and easy to use.
Available in 2- or 4-channel versions, the TPS2000B Series with IsolatedChannel
technology provides isolation from ground and isolation between channels
allowing you to take measurements with less worry about damaging circuitry.
Battery power comes standard, making it a natural choice for field applications.
For work on power electronics, optional software integrates commonly needed
power system measurements into the instrument, speeding up power analysis and

Features & Benefits

  • 200 MHz Bandwidths
  • Sample Rates up to 2 GS/s Real Time
  • 4 Fully Isolated and Floating Channels, plus Isolated External
  • 8 Hours of Continuous Battery Operation with Two Batteries Installed, Hot
    Swappable for Virtually Unlimited Freedom from AC Line Power
  • Optional Power Application Software offers the Broadest Range of Power
    Measurements at its Price Point
  • Quickly Document and Analyze Measurement Results with OpenChoice Software
    or Integrated CompactFlash Mass Storage
  • FFT Standard on All Models
  • Advanced Triggers to Quickly Capture the Event of Interest
  • Traditional, Analog-style Knobs and Multilanguage User Interface for Easy
  • Quick Setup and Operation with Autoset Menu, Autorange, Waveform and Setup
    Memories, and Built-in, Context-sensitive Help
  • Backlit Menu Buttons for High Visibility
  • 11 of the Most Critical Automatic Waveform Measurements


A0 – North America power

A1 – Universal Euro power

A2 – United Kingdom power

A3 – Australia power

A5 – Switzerland power

A6 – Japan power

A10 – China power

A11 – India power

A12 – Brazil power

A99 – No power cord or AC adapter

L0 – English User Manual (071-1441-xx)

L1 – French User Manual (071-1442-xx)

L2 – Italian User Manua l(071-1443-xx)

L3 – German User Manual (071-1444-xx)

L4 – Spanish User Manual (071-1445-xx)

L5 – Japanese User Manual (071-1446-xx)

L6 – Portuguese User Manual (071-1447-xx)

L7 – Simplified Chinese User Manual (071-1448-xx)

L8 – Traditional Chinese User Manual (071-1449-xx)

L9 – Korean User Manual (071-1450-xx)

L10 – Russian User Manual (071-1451-xx)

SILV200 – Standard Warranty Extended to 5 Years