Teledyne LeCroy 9400 125 Mhz Oscilloscopes

Teledyne LeCroy 9400

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Product Description

Digital Storage, 125 MHz, 2 Channel

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  • Horizontal Section:

    • Time Base
    • Range: 2 nsec/div – 100 sec/div

  • Acquisition Modes:

    • Random Interleaved Sampling (RIS)
    • Single Shot
    • Roll
    • Sequence

  • Trigger:

    • Sources: CH1, CH2, LINE, EXT, EXT/10
    • Modes

      • Sequence
      • Auto
      • Normal
      • Single (hold)

  • Display:

    • Graticle:  Internally generated.  Single and dual grid mode
    • Expansion:  Dual zoom horizontal expansion operates simultaneously
      on live, stored and processed waveforms, expanding up to 100 times.  
      Vertical expansion from 0.4 up to 2 times for non-processed waveforms,
      up to 10 times for processed waveforms.
    • Screen Dump:  Single or multi-pen digital plotters are menu
      selected.  Supports the HP 7400 series and compatible models.
    • Cursors:  Two time cursors.  Two voltage cursors.   A cross-hair
      marker measures absolute voltage versus signal ground as well as the
      time relative to the tripper.  Time and cross-hair cursors indicate Hz
      and dB or volt values when and FFT spectrum analysis is made.

  • Remote Control:

    • RS-232-C Ports:  Two:  for computer/terminal control and plotter
      connection.  Asynchronous up to 19200 baud.
    • GPIB Port (optional):  IEEE – 488