Teledyne LeCroy LT264M 350 Mhz Oscilloscopes

Teledyne LeCroy LT264M

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Product Description

350MHz 1Gsa/s 1Mpts4chs Digital Scope

From troubleshooting to timing analysis to production testing, the Waverunner-2 scopes are uniquely qualified to meet your requirements all at a great value!

Simple, Fast Access to Powerful Capabilities Waverunner-2 scopes are the second generation of the popular Waverunner series. They bring you the power of LeCroy signal acquisition, viewing and analysis capabilities with simple one-button access. Using the new Wavepilot feature, it s easier than ever to capture, view and analyze long time duration, high-speed signals with high resolution for accurate, precise results. Easy to UseWaverunner-2 scopes are designed to get you up and running quickly. Their color-coded front panels and simple menu systems are easy to understand, so your focus is on the work, and not the tool. Common tasks are automatic. Navigation is streamlined and intuitive. You ll easily master their powerful operations. The Right PriceWaverunner-2 oscilloscopes raise the bar for capability and value you get more for your money than with any other scope in this class. And because Waverunner-2 scopes can be upgraded, you can extend their life to meet future needs. Increase Your ProductivityThe new Wavepilot and QuickZoom buttons make it simple to magnify, view, inspect or measure signal details, to perform automatic measurements on signals, and to graph measurements in frequency spectra, histogram, or trend format. With TrackView, you can track problems to the source. Additional signal analysis capabilities let you datalog, chain math functions and more. LeCroy s signal diagnostic and troubleshooting tools provide a complete solution for characterization, debug and signal analysis. From Circuit to Scope A variety of accessories are offered for effectively connecting the Waverunner-2 to your circuit. The LeCroy HFP small, lightweight probes assure you high bandwidth, low capacitance connections to your circuit. In addition, five interchangeable probe tips are available for probing surface mount devices, circuit vias, IC leads and other difficult spots making the HFP probes the best choice for probing high-frequency circuits. Current probes, differential probes and amplifiers are also available.

Main Features

  • 350 MHz – 1 GHz bandwidth
  • 1 – 4 GS/s max, single-shot sample rate
  • 50 GS/s for repetitive signals
  • Up to 8 million data points to view signals